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1960s-2050: Human exploration of Earth's moon and the other planets in the Sol system progresses slowly, with occasional robotic probes and very few manned missions.

2050-2063: Earth is running out of natural resources. Robotic survey units are sent to the Moon, Mars, several of Jupiter and Saturn's moons and Pluto, looking for alternative sources.

2063: Large deposits of valuable minerals including iron, zinc and nickel ores, sulfur and gold are found on Mars and some moons. Extensive mining facilities are built and attract many workers. Mars is officially recognised as a colony of Earth in 2070.

2080: A terraforming project begins on Mars to improve quality of life for the colonists.

2085-90: Due to massive overpopulation of Earth, similar terraforming projects are started on the Moon and several moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

2100: Mars terraforming project completed. O2 levels are 75% that of Earth.

2105-10: Other terraforming projects are completed with varying levels of success.

2105-30: Sol colonies grow and flourish. Industry and economy develop.

2150-2200: Exploration units are sent to other solar systems. Several inhabitable worlds are found, as well as many that could be terraformed.

2200-2250: Terraforming projects commence and colonies are set up on inhabitable worlds. Each world usually colonised mainly by people from the same state.

2260: Around 75% of the terraforming projects are completed. Many new colonies want independence from Sol (It's a similar situation to the American revolution). War breaks out and the unfinished terraforming projects are abandoned. Rebel coloniesband together in a loose alliance, known as the UAC (United Alliance of Colonies)

2260-65: The colonies are nearly defeated by Sol forces, but colonial industry rapidly develops and gears for war to supply the Colonial armies with m,odern weapons and equipment. Sol forces are pushed back and a stalemate is eventually reached.

2265-80: Massive losses to both sides

2280: War ends as Sol grants independence to all colonies outside the Sol system. The UAC breaks down into individual planet/solar system governments.

2280-90: Armed forces on both sides largely disbanded. Trade between Sol and the Colonies resumes.

2290: 10 years after the War has ended.War surplus ships, weapons and equipment is easily available. This is when the RP starts.

Technology, weapons and ships

  • Technology

Advanced computer systems (No sentient AIs, but some of the most modern AIs come pretty close)

Ship's engines and most planets/moons are powered by either nuclear fusion or (Only the richest, most tech-advanced have this) cold fusion.

Realistic technology- no tractor beams, teleportors or replicators.

  • Weapons

Most of the major present-day weapons manufacturers, EG Colt or Kalashnikov, are still around They are hugely rich due to profits made from the War and are also very powerful. Also, there are several colonial ones that started either just before or during the War.

Weapon technology levels are slightly higher than present day. Bullet guns are still the mainly used weapon, but there are also plasma weapons, which have been around since 2270. These are expensive and relatively few were issued to troops in the War, so they're quite rare.

  • Ships

Many war surplus ships are available. Despite being at least 10 years old, they are often used by colonial and Sol militaries. Many are also owned by civilians. Civilians aren't allowed to keep the ship's weapons, which are usually removed before sale, but some do despite it being illegal. The majority of ex-warships are used as freighters, passenger ships, ETC.

There are also pre and post war civilian ships available in a wide range of styles, sizes, ETC, depending on their original purpose.

Known ship types:

These are ships that will be used in the RP. I'll add more when we get more, these are the basic ones that I thought of. If a ship's not on the list, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, just that no-one's thought of it yet.

Mjolnir class frigate- UAC military ship

Gull 1-12 class shuttles- Ship-ship/planet shuttlecraft used by both sides in the war. The Gull 12 was developed after the war as a civilian passenger/cargo vehicle. (the Gull 7 can seat 20. Gull 1-6s are smaller, Gull 8-12s are bigger)

Gaia Terraformer- Pre war civilian ship (Crew size varies. These ships are huge and blocky.)

Sol military ships all look similar, UAC ships from the same planet/system usually look similar but appearance and specs vary between planets. Civilian ships can look however you like- use your imagination. same with specs, but don't make it too overpowered.

You don't have to have a ship if you don't want one. You can if you want to, but you can also work in an NPC or PC owned ship or even live on one of the worlds and never go into space!


Earth government was a world government, ruled in a similar way to present day USA, but the President is elected for 10 year periods. Most present-day countries are states, but several small or poor countries joined to form larger/richer ones. EG most of Westewrn Europe became Europa and a large amount of West Africa is now Numidia. When the Sol colonies were formed, they were considered as states.

The Sol government is identical to the Earth government, it just changed its name because it was no longer just 'Earth'.

The Colonies are governed in a variety of ways. Some are democratic with regular elections, others are dictatorships.

General stuff

1. Depending on what you guys want, this RP can be based around 1 planet or solar system, a group of them, or it can cover every colony and the Sol system.

2. I'm not sure wether or not to allow warp speed. On the one hand, it's not very realistic, on the other, it's useful when travelling between star systems. I'll leave it up to you guys.

3. I'm not bothered about wether we have contact with aliens. If you want, go for it. If not, then that's fine too.

Here's a link to the discussion thread- it has more details and stuff.

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